• Garden Park

    Carballeira de Caldas de Reis .

    The "Carballeira" and the Garden Park are Assets of Cultural Interest (BIC), and apart from their natural content, they have the value of serving as a meeting place for various events throughout the year, such as the patron saint festivals and especially the music festival Cultura Quente and Kaldarte.

  • Segade Waterfall

    Fervenza de Segade Caldas, Segade de Arriba, Caldas de Reis, Spain .

    The waterfall, with a height of about 30 m, descends forming different pools with sufficient depth to be able to take a bath, making it a great place for leisure activities, very popular with locals and visitors alike in good weather.

  • Santo Tomás church

    Calle la Iglesia, Caldas de Reis, Spain .

    This neo-medieval style church from the end of the 19th century was designed by the architect Domingo Rodríguez Sesmero. Its interest lies in the fact that it was built with the remains of the Torre de Doña Urraca (residence of the archbishops of Compostela from 1228). From a chronological point of view, it could hardly have been the residence of this queen, as it is of a Gothic style dating from after the 17th century. The remains that have been preserved, apart from some ashlars, are the windows and parapets that can be seen embedded in the walls of the apse of this modern parish church. Its name, Santo Tomás, was given to it in memory of Saint Thomas of Canterbury's visit to the town in 1170.